​Analytical Chemistry 

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​Analytical chemistry is a science-based discipline that deals with ways and methods for decomposition of substances and determining their composition resp. distribution. The procedure / methodology used to achieve this analysis is called chemical analysis.

The use of analytical chemistry is very extensive and has a wide application. It can be encountered in industry when evaluating raw materials, products, intermediates but also finished products, in quality control of products, operation control, production processes in chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, plant protection, food industry etc... Read more...

Analytical Chemistry

  • UV-VIS
  • FTIR
  • Liquid-Scintillation-Counter
  • TOC
  • Titration


  • GC / FID, ECD, NPD
  • GC-MS / EI, Headspace
  • LC-MS / MS

Requirements for Substance Identification (Sameness)

Sufficient spectral data are needed to confirm the structure and composition of the chemical substance. Several spectroscopic and analytical methods can be suitable. It is the responsibility of the registrant to present appropriate data depending on several substance information. We provide you with the necessary analyses and data:

  • GPC

  • UV/VIS

  • IR

  • 1H-NMR/13C-NMR/solid NMR

  • Mass spectrum: GC/MS with Headspace and LC-MS or LC-MS/MS

  • GC/HPLC Chromatogram

  • XRF
  • XRD
  • Titration
  • Water content (Gravimetric, Karl Fischer, Freeze Drying)

Analytical Requirements for Pesticides and Plant Protection Products

Interbiotox offers you a comprehensive GLP analytical service for your Pesticides and Plant Protection Products:

  • Development and Validation of Analytical Methods
    acc. to SANCO/3029/99C

  • Residue Studies
    acc. to SANCO/825/00  and 
    acc. to OECD 506: Stability of Pesticide Residues in Stored Commodities
  • Accelerated Storage Stability
    acc. to CIPAC MT 46  and 
    Stability of liquid formulations at 0°C acc. to CIPAC MT 39
  • Long Term Stability (Shelf Life Stability)
    acc. to Technical Monograph n°17, 2nd Edition, 2 years at ambient temperature
  • 5-Batch Analyses (Active Ingredient and Impurities)
    acc. to SANCO/3030/99
  • ILV Studies (Independent Laboratory Validation)
    acc. to SANCO/3030/99

Analytical  Requirements for Biocides

Interbiotox provides you a comprehensive GLP analytical service for your Biocidal products:

  • Chemical Equivalence Studies

  • 5-Batch Analysis (Active Ingredient and Impurities)

  • Residue Studies

  • Accelerated Storage, Low Temperature  and Long Term Stability


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