Food Ingredients

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Food ingredients are chemical substances which are used as food additives, food enzymes, flavourings, smoke flavourings and sources of vitamins and minerals added to food (EFSA).

Food ingredients include a wide range of food materials, from relatively simple chemical compounds at one end of the spectrum to a complex of whole foods and ingredients on the other. Food additives and flavourings are mostly, but not exclusively, chemically defined substances used in traditional toxicological evaluation... Read more...

The purpose of toxicological testing is to determine whether a substance, if used in the manner and in the proposed amounts, would pose any significant risk to the health of consumers.

Analytical Chemistry

Laboratories of InterBioTox are fully established in GLP analytical determination of food ingredients in formulations incl. developing and validation of the analytical method within the sub-acute, sub-chronic and chronic toxicity studies. Choose the study...

In vitro Toxicology

One of important and by the authorities the first required part in the safety assessment of food ingredients (Tier 1) are the genotoxicity studies to be performed in vitro (OECD 471, OECD 473, OECD 476 and OECD 487). The laboratories of InterBioTox have long-time experiences in performance of in vitro genotox studies in compliance with GLP and according to the latest OECD Guidelines. Choose the study...

In vivo Toxicology

InterBioTox performs a full spectrum of mammalian / in vivo like sub-acute, sub-chronic, chronic, and reproductive & developmental toxicology studies required by EFSA/FDA for your defined food ingredient (e.g. food additives) incl. required in vivo genotox studies within Tier 2. Choose the study...


Histopathology, as a requisite part of the in vivo toxicology studies is performed by the laboratory of InterBioTox to support a toxicological evaluation of the food ingredients. Choose the study...


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