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Biocidal products are all substances or mixtures consisting of, containing or generating one or more active substances which are used to prevent or control various types of harmful or undesired organisms with the intention of destroying, deterring, rendering harmless, preventing the action of, or otherwise exerting a controlling effect on harmful organism by any means other than mere physical or mechanical action.

Biocidal products are controlled by the Biocidal Products Directive (EU) No 528/2012, which covers 23 different product types from disinfectants to embalming fluids. Many of the biocidal active substances can be found in wide range of products, all of which have to be considered in the assessment / regulatory process. Here are stated 4 main groups of the biocidal products:

  • Disinfectants and general biocidal products
  • Preservatives
  • Pest control
  • Other biocidal products

Biocides are subject to authorization. According the new biocide regulation biocidal products may only contain ingredients that are listed in the ECHA register.

InterBioTox is your key associate in supporting your company in complying with Biocidal regulation. We provide a complete testing portfolio which substantially enables to help you with the assessment of biocides in order to comply with the regulation No 528/2012 and Guidance on the Biocidal Products Regulation prepared by ECHA (Volume I – V).

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The Biocidal Products Directive (EU) No 528/2012 requires among others the following studies and we are pleased to offer you:

Analytical Chemistry

InterBioTox provides a comprehensive GLP analytical services for your Biocidal products, like Chemical Equivalence Studies, 5-Batch Analysis (Active Ingredient and Impurities), Residue Studies and Stability Studies. Choose the study...


The effects of a biocidal active substance or product on non-target organisms are important criteria for evaluation during the regulatory process steps. The ecotoxicological relevance of a biocidal active substance is investigated through different ways: from acute aquatic toxicity at different trophic levels, and exposure-related tests with terrestrial organisms, through to chronic toxicity. InterBioTox using its portfolio of various GLP ecotoxicity studies helps you in the process of your ecotoxicology product´s assessment. Choose the study...


InterBioTox offers ready and inherent biodegradation studies for the biocidal products/active substances under GLP in compliance with national and international guidelines. Choose the study...

Physico-chemical properties

Physico – chemical properties are a requisite part for the authorisation of biocidal products. InterBioTox offers a comprehensive set of tests suitable for evaluating the physical and chemical properties of biocidal technical products, active substances and formulated products acc. to internationally accepted methods CIPAC, EU, UN, OECD and FEA. Physico-chemical testing is an integral requirement of the product registration for biocidesChoose the study...

Environmental Fate

Environmental fate provides an evidence of safety for the environment. Different environmental compartments are taken into account: waste-water treatment plants, surface waters including sediments, groundwater, soil and air. InterBioTox supports the clients in a selected environmental fate tests for their biocidal products under GLP in compliance with national and international guidelines. Choose the study...

In vitro Toxicology

InterBioTox offers a spectrum of in vitro acute toxicology tests on biocidal products and active substances combined with in vivo toxicology studies in order to meet the biocidal regulatory requirements for acute toxicity testing. Choose the study...

In vivo Toxicology

With a wide range of GLP mammalian toxicology tests on biocidal products and active substances InterBioTox supports the clients to obtain the product marketing authorization in full compliance with the biocidal products regulation. Choose the study...


Histopathology, as a requisite part of the mammalian toxicology studies is performed by the laboratory of InterBioTox to support an evaluation of biocidal  products and active substances with respect to impacts to human health. Choose the study...


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